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Plasma science and its many applications make significant contributions to society and to the quality of our lives. But this exciting and rapidly progressing field of science is little understood or appreciated by the general public, including the media, the education community and policy-makers.

As a result, progress in education, support for basic research, and the pace of technological innovations stemming from plasma science all suffer.

To remedy this situation, a group of individuals and organizations with an interest in plasma science research and applications joined together to form the Coalition.

The mission of CPS is to increase public awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many applications and benefits for society.



The goals and objectives of CPS are to:

  • Unite the plasma science research community behind a common message about the value and importance of its research, and share that message via publications, presentations and special events;

  • Promote a strategy of educational out-reach aimed at the K-12 level;

  • Broaden support for ongoing plasma science research and educational efforts within the scientific community, at colleges and universities, at the national laboratories and in the business and industrial communities;

  • Maintain a web site that provides information about plasmas and has appropriate references and links to show the wonder, utility and diversity of plasmas.


Meetings of the Coalition are typically held the third Thursday of the month. Participation in the Coalition is accomplished by conference call - a virtual meeting. All are welcome to attend.


Current Member Organizations (as of October, 2009):



Email to CPS@plasmacoalition.org, or call toll free 1-877 - PLASMAS (1-877-752-7627). A member of the Coalition for Plasma Science Steering Committee will be in touch with you regarding prospective membership for your organization.

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