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Providing educational material and teaching aids is an important part of the Coalition's objectives. This page will be developing and changing with time to provide such material.

While some of the items will be intended for use by educators and students, much of it will be for everyone in the Coalition's broad audience, including the media and policy-makers.

A Teacher's Guide to Plasma Science Resources

There is a great deal of information on the web about plasmas -- so much information and at so many different levels that it is difficult for a teacher who needs clear, concise information to sort through it all.

Teachers are also being challenged by mandates to develop curricula that will meet national science standards.

This website is designed to help with these challenges. It is a site designed by teachers for teachers, and represents a "best of the web." Most sites are analyzed in comparison to the National Science Standards.

CPS Educational Publications

All CPS publications focus on educating a general audience about plasma science.

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