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The Coalition for Plasma Science has initiated and carried out a number of events and activities directed toward its goal of increasing public awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many applications and benefits for society.

Below is a brief list of some of those efforts, some completed as well as some underway or planned. The audience for these activities and events includes the media, the education community and government policy makers. Our goal is to represent a broad range of plasma science interests and to have a significant impact on the public and congressional awareness of plasma science.


Capitol Hill Educational Presentations

CPS presents educational talks to governmental representatives and their staffs to help them understand the every day presence of plasmas in their lives, and the possibilities this state-of-matter holds for the future.

About Plasmas

These two-page introductions to various types of plasmas and applications are written for nontechnical audiences. Completed topics in this series can be found on the CPS Publications page.

INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair Prize

Beginning in 2005 CPS established a presence at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair, sponsoring a $1000 Plasma Science Prize for the best plasma-related project. The prize has since increased to $1500. For a report on this year's Intel Fair please see the latest CPS Plasma Page.

A Teacher's Guide to Plasma Science Resources

The CPS Education Web Site features a comprehensive list of plasma education web sites, each rated against national science standards, that can help K-12 teachers integrate a study of plasmas into their curricula. Students will enjoy it as well!

Science Teachers Day And Plasma Sciences Expo Co-sponsor

CPS and its members annually participate in the American Physical Society - Division of Plasma Physics Science Teachers Day and Plasma Sciences Expo - for middle and high school teachers and their students. The free teacher training workshops typically support about 100+ participants, while the Expo, filled with hands-on demonsration of plasma-related physics, attracts 1000 - 2500 students. The most recent events can be found here.

CPS Plasma Page

This semiannual newsletter reports about recent and future CPS activities, with occasional features about specific plasma science and applications. The complete archive can be found under CPS News.

National Research Council (NRC) Plasma Science Committee

The CPS Steering Committee has been working to coordinate with and complement the NRC Plasma Science Committee activities. CPS has suggested to the NRC a symposium on plasma science to improve the interaction of industry with universities, laboratories and government programs. They have also suggested a study of the economic significance of plasma science and technology.


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